I recently had a friend that purchased a dirt bike for his son. However, this was no ordinary dirt bike because when his son rode the bike, it barely made any noise. I was just amazed at how quiet it was and I knew that this was no ordinary dirt bike. The reason the bike was so quiet is because his son was riding an electric dirt bike. Because the electric dirt bike does not use combustible fuel in virtually makes no noise. But that is only one of the small benefits of having an electric dirt bike.

As of this moment, in the town that I live in gas prices have zoomed up to $4.15 a gallon. Now, when gas was around three dollars a gallon it still wasn’t too much of the big deal for people to spend that kind of money, but now gas is over four dollars and it seems like there’s no end to the fact that it will be going up more. This means that the average American will have to tighten his or her belt and pull in money from wherever they can possibly do it. There is no doubt that you will have to cut corners, was a technology that we have today, we can still enjoy many of the pleasures and hobbies we have in life. What better way to do it then by using an electric vehicle. Electric dirt bikes have all of the features and speed of a regular dirt bike that runs on gasoline but you do not have to pay a high gas prices!

As with most alternative energy vehicles, the electric dirt bike does not require many of the maintenance and repair items that you would encounter with a fossil fuel vehicle. As a matter of fact, there is no oil changes, air filter changes or any of the types of maintenance that he would find on a gas vehicle. This is one of the reasons why electric cars were very unpopular with dealerships. If anybody was happy about the electric car failing, it was the dealerships because this was a source of income that flowed into their service stations on a regular basis.

With the electric car, you have the same situation. You don’t have oil changes, air filter changes in all of the other things that result from fossil fuels. The same could be said about electric dirt bike. Because of the nature of the electric motor, the electric dirt bike has very few mechanical parts that need repaired. Not to say that an electric dirt bike would not have to have regular maintenance of any type. Actually, one of the main areas of maintenance and upgrading,is in the battery department. Because of the fuel of the electric dirt bike is electricity, of course, you have two have something that will store that and delivered a regular basis to the electric motor. This requires a changing of batteries on a seasonal basis.

Now, it all depends on what type of batteries you buy for the electric dirt bike. Most electric vehicles carry the NiMH batteries that are of course rechargeable and a good recharge can take up to eight hours. If you were to ride the bike continuously for 40 minutes it would probably pretty much where the battery out. That would take you up to about 10 miles. There are more expensive batteries that you can get the can hold a better charge. If you have somebody that is very active in too riding electric dirt bikes, they can always take extra batteries with them, but these types of batteries in the size that they are are very expensive.

On most electric dirt bikes you can find anywhere from a 300 to 700 watt motor. Usually the wattage on the motor’s is right around 500, but they are inventing and selling new types of electric dirt bikes almost everyday. These motors and charges can usually carry somebody around 175 lbs. As with a regular dirt bike all of the safety precautions are the same. A person should wear helmets, goggles, knee pads in all of the other things that you need to purchase two keep yourself from getting banged up.

It should be noted also, that the electric dirt bike, like the electric car and electric motorcycles are very environmental friendly, so a person that is conscious of the environment and keeping our planet green will be doing the world a lot of good by writing one of these types of electric dirt bikes. When you add up all of the things that make electric dirt bikes easier on our wallet and nicer for planet don’t forget that they are just the a lot of fun too.

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