The Stark Varg electric motocross bike reviews are in after testers got to ride on track – here we’ve curated some of the best reviews all in one place.

The Stark Future Varg all-electric motocross bike was finally put in the hands of some testers in Spain, and while there were some reservations as it was a pre-production Varg, they were all pretty blown away.

We’ve assembled some of the first-look reviews here to help you make your own mind up as motocross looks set for a revolution in the next few years.

Donn Maeda, Swapmoto

Swapmoto’s previous experience with the Alta Redshift left them with lukewarm impressions of electric motocross bikes, and much of the propaganda surrounding the Stark Future Varg almost seemed too good to be true.

“Within three laps, I had a big grin on my face, had so much fun on it,” said Donn Maeda. “It surpassed all my expectations, and it really is a simpler motorcycle to ride and to ride well. I think this bike is going to make a big splash. For a grumpy old guy like me that didn’t want to come here to ride a dirt bike, I’m totally happy right now.

“It’s a different experience. It doesn’t really take a different riding style; you just have to adapt certain things, like no clutch, you have to roll the throttle on, you don’t have sound as a reference, and you don’t have gears.

“The one thing that really impresses me about the bike is the way it handles. On a conventional gas bike, you pick gears; some guys tend to ride a gear lower because they want to hear the braaap sound – it sounds like they’re going fast. A skilled rider knows the higher gear you can ride in takes the load off the rear suspension and the bike works better. This thing is always in the perfect gear. There’s never a big crazy load on the rear shock and it allows both ends to move really freely and the bike has great balance.

“It was so easy to adapt to, I was completely blown away.”


VitalMX offers a breakdown of the bike itself and goes into some great detail about the battery and the limits of the test while in Spain. With a pre-production model, that’s normal, but it’s something that should be pointed out. “Range is still a question mark,” said Vital. However, that doesn’t mean the range will be a disappointment. There were a lot of media people and a limited time on track to accommodate everyone. Plus, of course, it’s pre-production.

“They started with chassis development to try and make sure this bike feels like a moto bike. It does not feel like a big battery pack that you’re trying to turn into a motocross bike.”

The test rider pointed out there is no maintenance of the Stark Future Varg bike so if you like the week-to-week, moto-to-moto maintenance, then that’s a big miss for you. On the flip side, this opens up dirt bikes to another market. And surely that’s a good thing.

Vital found it was a weird sensation to not reach for gears or have engine rpm to gauge speed, which meant jumping some of the jumps felt a little awkward to their tester. “I rode a KTM back-to-back with this bike [Varg] and it is faster than a 450. It accelerates harder, but it is still controlled,” he also noted.

“Any rider input is amplified, it is so easy to get it to change direction. It is so easy in the air… a normal bike there’s not a ton you can do to get it to move, with this [Varg] it reminds me of a mountain bike… you can really move it around.”

“I love the way this bike handles,” he said. Explaining it was like the benefits of a 125 but with the power of a 450, without the weight penalty, “that’s what this bike is”.

MotoOnline Australia

As you’re about to find out in our ‘Overview’ edit, this battery-powered dirt bike is set to make an impact at the highest of levels while navigating the elusive path to producing a competitive electric motocross model at scale.

“Yes, it is that good!” said test rider Mike Sleeter. He agreed with Vital; it’s light and flickable like a 125 with a footprint and roll-on power of a 450.

“Stark Future has changed the game on how we are going to ride motorcycles.” He feels it’ll open more tracks and bring new riders into the sport.

Racer X

Former professional racer Jason Thomas was sent to Spain and he offers some early thoughts here. Although he is clearly impressed by the Stark Varg, the video is a little light on detail, but the video is still well worth a watch.

“It’s fast. Hoowee it’s fast!” said JT after his first ride. “I think on a start, no one has a chance. It’s impossible to beat it; no way.”

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