So there I was putting along when I noticed my bike not producing electricity . I headed for Cranbrook where there had been a Harley dealer ,. My battery now dying . No Harley dealer for 2 years I was told ..But a shop was there that worked on Harleys. .What a relief.( I was 250 Miles from home ). I was lucky , the shop took me in right away and replaced my stator and volt regulator .I realized my predicament could have been worse .We Canadians no longer have Grey Hound bus service . No other bus line either . What if The shop had to order the parts ? What if they had been booked up for a week ?? In my City ,Calgary Alberta , they are. I realized the potential of being stuck with a broken down bike .. Hiotel $100 per day .. Noi way to get back home but try hitch hiking ?? That’s a laugh ! who’s going to pick up a biker looking guy. .
Here in Calgary the oldest Harley Dealer no longer is a Harley dealer , just a shop that sells used Harleys and repairs them.. The one remaining Harley shop usually says it will take 2 weeks or so to get my parts from Harley in USA. My bike is old ( 1991 Springer ) ..
The fact that I could be stranded somewhere became kinda stress full . This summer I put my bed roll on the back of my bike and headed out for 21 days on the road just cruising along looking at everything along the way, t camped out beside creeks ,cooked up a meal, and got into my bivy..for the night .. all boon docking . no paid camp spot. No cell phone service in most places I camped at. But bikes going by during the day so I could always send a message with one of them. But towing would be expensive and to where ? .Lots of dealers now closed .. . Then I had an idea, I called up our AMA ( Canadian Auto Association, like the US auto club I think ) and asked what they offer . WOW for $225 they tow my bike or SUV, or my RV 300 km;’s ( 180 miles ) plus pay for my hotel, and lots more stuff I didn’t pay attention to. Some thing about car rental too. . I joined ,and now don’t worry about my old bike with possible worn old parts failing .. AMA ( CAA ) has towing in every town oif any size they fix flat tires, bring gas ,and tow . All included in the annual fee. .I’m covered all across Canada , and USA too.
Just thought I’d share my good news on here …
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