PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -”I just thought it’s a really fun sport, un-ordinary. Like most kids wouldn’t want to do this because it’s pretty scary. But you just don’t like to think about it when you’re out there.” That’s 13 year old Hudson Edwards, who’s been riding basically since he could walk! “He’s rode four wheelers all his life.” says Ben Edwards, Hudson’s father. “He picked up this bike about two years ago and started riding up here. And at our land, we’ve got 15 acres south of here. He did some training there and then met these other kids and they started riding together. And then we started racing up in Alabama.” One of those other kids is 10 year old Brayton Kreglow. “I like to go fast. I like to rail the berms, jump.” Simply put, motocross is in Brayton’s blood! “His dad rode,” says his mother, Lyndsey Kreglow “I grew up with friends that rode, and we kind of common interest.” But for the mother of a rider so young, is it hard at first to put aside the worry, given the danger involved in this sport? ”Yeah it was. You don’t really think about that when you first go into it. And then of course throughout the years you run into some issues and injuries. But the love he has for it kind of, it’s what keeps you going.” Bryson Devilbiss is an even younger rider. He’s just eight. “I just like it because it’s really fun, and just going fast.”

“He was four years old when he started.” says Bryson’s dad James Devilbiss “Kind of wanting to play on some dirt bikes, back in the day. And he got into it because I rode back in the day, so he thought it was kind of cool.” And dads too are allowed to worry about their riders! “They do. But you just got to look at the positives and not focus on you know, the injuries and stuff like that. Just keep your mind clear of that. And just ride your best out there.”

For parents interested in getting their kids into Motocross, there is a local instructor who can introduce kids to the sport and give them lessons in it. His name is Derek Whitney, and he can be reached through his Facebook page, or through his Instagram page @derekwhitney795.

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