Fantic is back for 2023, levering its partnership with Yamaha Motors Europe to bring in a lineup of new motocross machines.

Although Fantic isn’t a well-known name in North America, it’s doing pretty well for itself in Europe (the EMX250 European Champion and 125 Junior World Champion rode Fantic this year). It’s an older Italian company, with very strong ties to Yamaha, and that’s why it uses four-stroke and two-stroke engines packed with Yamaha’s latest tech, even with traction control and other electronics.

What’s new for 2023? At this point, Fantic is promising more details on the four-stroke and XXF450 in coming weeks, but does have a bit of info on the new XXF250. Unsurprisingly, since it’s based on Yamaha’s four-stroke 250, it has an electronics package that includes traction control, launch control, and an ECU that allows you to change the bike’s power delivery via a smartphone app. These machines come with an aluminum frame (with molded, extruded and die-cast sections all put together), and Kayaba’s SSS fork. The bike’s ergos are designed with input from Fantic’s factory race team, so expect moving around the bike to be easy—those riders understand what’s needed for aggressive riding. Pricing in Europe is 9.590,00 €.

The two -strokes appear to get a longer list of updates for 2023, including a new airbox that allows tool-free access, There’s also a new seat, new bodywork (designed with the factory team’s help), and like the four-stroke lineup, an aluminum frame with Kayaba suspension. See the bike-by-bike breakdown below:

FANTIC XX125 MY 2023 – “Pocket rocket”: The perfect symbiosis of power, manoeuvrability and agility. It’s no accident that the Fantic XX125 was the champion of the 2021 Junior 125 category and is excelling in this season’s 2-stroke competitions. Whether you’re a rookie or an expert rider, the 2-stroke roar of our XX125 will lift your heart at the first rev.

Engine – Power and responsiveness are the impressive features of the small but high-performance 125cc 2-stroke engine. In-depth research and exceptionally precise interventions on cylinder, piston and rod make the Fantic XX125 MY 2023 more powerful and enjoyable than ever. The drive comes from a Kehin 38mm carburettor which, thanks to a solenoid-controlled power jet, further enhances performance when it’s needed on the track.

The exhaust system stands out for its fantastic chrome-plated expansion chamber, specially designed by the Fantic R&D department. The silencer is 100% race-ready, with an extruded aluminium body that meets FIM requirements in terms of sound testing. The CDI control unit, developed directly by the Fantic racing department, guarantees perfect combustion at every rpm, with electronic management of expected ignition.

FANTIC XX250 MY 2023 – An extraordinary bike that marks the return of the 2-stroke and can bridge the gap with its 4-stroke rivals, winning the EMX250 European Motocross Championship, open to 2 and 4-strokes. The Fantic XX250 is all adrenaline and explosive power, always relying on an exceptional suspension set-up, responsive and manageable in any situation. The ergonomics are all new too, thanks to the new 8-litre tank, which makes the bike even more streamlined.

Engine – Adrenaline and explosive 2-stroke power. As promised, Fantic Racing fine-tunes the beating heart of the XX250 with a piston from the Maddii Factory team currently dominating the championships. An extremely powerful, yet finely balanced bike.

Cool. It’s interesting to see that, in Europe, small outfits like Fantic can still make a go of it. So where’s our North American counterpart? How come nobody over here can build dirt bikes and sell them?