Lord Drake Kustoms takes Harley-Davidson V-Rod to a whole new level of bad with a few tweaks.


The all-black aesthetic has an undeniable vibe, one that can be appreciated by folks from all walks of life. Whether it’s in the world of fashion, architecture, furniture, electronics, automobiles, or motorcycles, the dark monochromatic color scheme commands a level of attention that no other visual does. It’s only natural. The brain is intrigued by a void of light. And in the case of beautiful machines such as this V-Rod build, it draws the eyes in for a deeper appreciation of the details.

Photos: Lord Drake Kustoms

Black Widow

Dubbed Black Widow, this particular creation comes to us from Lord Drake Kustoms, based in Malaga, Spain. The name might draw comparisons to the Marvel Universe character with the same moniker, though it’s not known if that was the intention. It would make sense, as the comic book hero is known for riding motorcycles. 

Winning Formula

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Harley-Davidson builds inspired by superheroes, though. The merits of this Spanish custom H-D stand on their own. The shop has taken a winning formula with the V-Rod and taken it to the next level with relatively unintrusive modifications. 

Powerful Stance

The front wheel stays the same size as the stock bike, but Black Widow gets new larger wheels and tires at the rear. This small adjustment gives the H-D a stronger stance, and a nice base to build upon. Intermediate foot controls and an inverted fork are incorporated, and the setup rides on a Legend air suspension system.

Creating the Look

The most notable set of modifications comes in the form of the body kit. It includes new fenders, a fuel tank, and a front spoiler. Black Widow comes with Kellerman LED turn signals and a Biltwell handlebar for a modern look. The shop has not announced any particulars regarding the engine’s performance. So we’d assume we’re looking at mostly stock equipment there. 

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