Are Choppers Only For The Big Guys : Motorcycles have been in vogue for a long time. They are heavy machines which are rugged and heavy. Men have always liked riding motorcycles. Choppers – a type of motorcycle, has have been in existence since the end of the Second World War.

Why did the choppers come into existence? Soldiers who fought in the Second World War were used to light motorcycles in Britain. They were fun to ride. They were dissatisfied Harley-Davidson, the company which manufactured heavy motorbikes. They wanted something different. They made changes by removing certain parts that were heavy and which made it look big and ugly. Fenders, front brakes, windshields and turn indicators were removed. The saddle was originally large and was made small. The whole bike was made convenient for dirt racing. The handle bars were higher than before. The front tire was thinner and the back fatter. The large foot rest, petrol tank and head light were made much smaller. They were generally made of black or shiny metal. Their seats were low but the pillion seat was much higher than that of the driver’s. Some even removed the batteries and had a magneto to reduce the weight of the bike.

The bike was transformed from the original. Not everyone had the same type of bike. It could be custom made by the small shops that had sprung up, to satisfy each person’s needs. They did not want to leave the Harley-Davidson model. They changed the original in such a way that it was a much lighter and fun bike to ride. These bikes are the choppers.

The main aim was to get a rugged bike like Harley-Davidson and chop off all the bulky parts and remove, fit and weld lighter parts. This made the bike lighter, faster and more maneuverable. These choppers are now being made by big companies also. This was initially the work of small motor bike shops which put together the various parts that the customer wanted. So, it was custom made. Now many varieties of choppers are made by companies that are the big manufacturers.

These bikes also have to be built according to a set of rules. They should be roadworthy and should be such that though the choppers are not heavy, they should be strong enough for using on roads. In the United States the custom made choppers are given license to be used on the highway. Not many countries give them this license.

Choppers are now used the world over. Some prefer using British or Japanese engines. These bikes are not restricted to be used by the big, burly, hefty guys. Although war veterans and others were involved in its making, these bikes are used by anyone who loves bikes. The different shape and the size makes it great fun to drive these bikes. Since choppers are manufactured the world over, all types of people, big and small, use these custom made choppers.

The choppers are mainly for their shape, size and speed. Its shape can be custom made to suit anyone’s needs. So, it is not necessary that only big guys can ride it. Although the ride can be risky, the high speeds definitely thrill the youngsters who love their choppers. Anyone interested in riding the chopper can do so.